Steve has over twenty years of experience in leadership roles in accounting, finance, operations and database technologies in a variety of industries. He also served in advisory and consulting roles as Chief Financial Officer, Director of Accounting and Controller. Steve has also provided business consulting and created complex integrated financial models for large global corporations such as National University of Singapore, British American Tobacco, BBVA Bancomer Bank, Acciona Energy, Education Corporation of America, Sara Lee, Kraft Foods, Protegrity, General Motors, Mosaic Company, Dematic and AT&T.

Steve has been using Quantrix since 2001 as a customer, employee of Quantrix and as a professional service consultant. He has provided help to Quantrix customers around the globe and in just about every industry. He has built Quantrix models that perform budgeting, forecasting , planning ,operational planning, analysis, capacity planning and even multi-national document retention policy generator. He is a happy to share his experiences and his deep knowledge of how best to use the Quantrix Modeler to meet your current modeling challenges.